E.Ernestsons Prix for youngest players has concluded

August 15 and 16 in the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis sport school took place “E.Ernestsona balvas izcīņa” (E.Ernestsons Prix) for the youngest players – U8, U9 and U10 age groups. This tournament was organized with the support of Edgars Ernestsons granddaughter Monta Reinfelde. In 1st place came Loreta Šarlote Sprūde, 2nd place was taken by Emīls Latišs, Ance Skripka, but in 3rd – Leonards Ozoliņš and Kristens Buncis.

At the tournament competed 91 young tennis players from Latvia and Lithuania. Liepaja Tennis sport school at this home event was represented by 38 tennis players.In U8 for boys at the final stage came Emīls Latišs (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Gustavs Šupstiks (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Kristens Buncis (Liepaja Tennis sport school) and Gabrielius Gedminas (individually, Lithuania). After games between each other, with the three games win 1st place was taken by young tennis player from Lithuania – Gabrielius Gediminas, in 2nd place came our Emīls Latišs, but in 3rd place our Kristens Buncis.In U8 for girls for the final stage qualified Gabriela Jaunzeme (TK Jelgava) and three our students – Ance Skripka, Lelde Štēbele and Loreta Šarlote Sprūde. 1st place was taken by Loreta Šarlote Sprūde (Liepaja Tennis sport school), in 2nd place came Ance Skripka (Liepaja Tennis sport school), but in 3rd place came Gabriela Jaunzeme from Jelgava.In U9 for boys in the Semifinals came Mārtiņš Gabrāns (TK Aizkraukle), Rūdolfs Diļevs (Mārupes TS), Renāts Kurmatovs (Tennis Pro Academy) and Roberts Paškovs (Ventspils TK). Victory was taken by Mārtiņš Gabrāns, in 2nd place – Rūdolfs Diļevs, but in 3rd came Renāts Kurmatovs. From both our students who competed at U9, best results has Markuss Gūža, who finished 6th.In U9 for girls competed 25 young tennis players. Till the Semifinal got Adrija Kriščiūnaite (individually, Lithuania), Kira Ptičkina (individually, Rīga), Katrīna Sutta (Mārupes TS) and Madara Jaunzeme (Liepaja Tennis sport school). At the end 1st place was won by Lithuanian player from Mariampole – Adrija Kriščiūnaite, in 2nd came Katrīna Sutta from Mārupe, but in 3rd Kira Ptičkina from Rīga. Our Madara Jaunzeme finished 4th.In U10 for boys till the Semifinal got Gustavs Gutans (ACB/VL Tenisa skola), Artis Aire (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) and two our students – Leonards Ozoliņš un Damirs Livanskis. In Semifinal won both ACB/VL Tenisa skola students, so they competed for the 1st and 2nd place. In 1st place came Artis Aire, but in 2nd – Gustavs Gutans. Meanwhile in game for 3rd place between our students with 4-1 the 3rd place was taken by Leonards Ozoliņš, but Damirs Livanskis finished 4th.In U10 for girls till the Semifinal got Alise Aleksejeva (Mārupes TS), Maria Klevanova (Denisa Pavlova TS), Marta Bozoviča (Daugavpils BJSS) and Melitina Kotlyarova (Tennis Pro Academy). 1st place was taken by Alise Aleksejeva, in 2nd – Melitina Kotlyarova, but 3rd – Maria Klevanova. From our students best result had Jeļizaveta Rižkova by finishing 7th.