Liepaja Championship in beach tennis has concluded

August 29 and 30 in the beach tennis courts by the LOC Tennis hall took place Liepaja Championship in beach tennis, to look for the best Summer 2020 beach tennis player in Liepaja.In August 29 competed men and women pairs, but in August 30 beach tennis players competed in mixed pairs. In both days the best beach tennis players were decided in two leagues – Intermediate and Advanced.In the first tournament day, despite rainy weather conditions, the best women and men pairs were decided. In the Intermediate Men from 8 pairs victory was celebrated by Renārs Kaupers and Guntars Kikučs. 2nd place was taken by Dagnis Sliseris and Mareks Boļšaks, 3rd place – Raivis Kalējs and Jānis Petermanis.In Women Intermediate competed 8 pairs. 1st place was taken by Marija Kraule and Gita Karule. 2nd – Aleksandra Kuļbacka and Irina Auziņa, but 3rd Elza Jānaite and Elizabete Timofejeva.In Men Advanced competed 3 pairs. 1st place went to Ģirts Antonovs and Artis Zombergs, in 2nd finished Miks Jaunzems and Edgars Ošs, but in 3rd – Gints Siliņš and Valters Stirna.In Women Advanced competed 5 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Linda Priekule and Paula Anna Vuciņa, in 2nd came Baiba Damberga and Ilze Kārkliņa, but 3rd – Laila Beiere and Guna Jēkabsone.In the 2nd day tournament was held for mixed pairs. In the Intermediate competed 15 pairs. 1st place was taken by Marija Kraule and Mārtiņš Krūms. 2nd place took Egils Trušēlis and Gita Karule, but in 3rd place came Krista Siliņa and Gints Siliņš.In Advanced mixed pairs competed 7 pairs. 1st place was taken by Artis Zombergs and Paula Anna Vuciņa. 2nd place went to Baiba Damberga and Ģirts Antonovs, but in 3rd place finished Edgars Ošs and Aleksandra Kuļbacka.

Advanced league results will be counted in the overall ranking of Latvian beach tennis.

Liepaja Championship in beach tennis was supported by Liepaja municipality, Liepājas papīrs, Liepājas Olimpiskais centrs, bakery “Ducis 7”, Real estate “Pilat”, Royal Fitness and Spīķeris.

See you in sand!

Photo: Mārtiņš Vējš