Ance Skripke takes 2nd place in Ventspils

September 6 in Ventspils took place “Ventspils Prix” (“Ventspils balvas izcīņa”) for U8 age group. In this tournament girls and boys were competing in the same group. Our Ance Skripka finished 2nd.Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Ance Skripka, Samanta Laura Kukle, Emīls Latišs, Sabīne Strautiņa, Ernests Škuburs, Jaroslava Golovanova and Lizete Keita Kisele.Till the deciding games only Ance Skripka from our students got her way. In the final round winning one and loosing one game, at the end Ance Skripka finished 2nd in the Ventspils Prix.