Elza Tomase – Liepaja Sports women of the year

February 18, 2021 in the virtual ceremony took place “Liepāja Sports Laureate 2020” (Liepājas Sporta laureāts 2020), in which Liepaja sports personalities were congratulated on their victories and achievements last year! Liepaja Tennis sport school student, tennis player Elza Tomase won the award of “Athlete of the Year” for the victory in the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour W15 tournament “Liepāja Open”. A tennis tournament of this scale took place in Liepaja for the first time.

Elza Tomase iegūstot 2020.gada sportistes apbalvojumu
Elza Tomase receiving the Athlete of the Year award

Receiving the Liepāja Athlete of the Year award, Elza Tomase looked back to 2020 and highlighted that the beginning of the year was very shining for her, as she won the ITF W15 tournament, which took place in Liepāja. The feelings after the victory were indescribable. Even after winning each game and making it to the next round of the tournament, Elza was very happy.

“This was my first professional tournament, after which I immediately entered the WTA ranking. After that, I also took part in some other tournaments, where I did quite well.”

Elza Tomase

In 2020, the whole world was hit by a pandemic that changed the lives of many people. Plans of Elza were also suspended, such as participation in the Roland Garros tournament.

“Winning in Liepaja, I realized that I can play against adult women. In the finals I played against a 28 year old professional tennis player and it was a great experience for me. Since my junior career is over, I’m definitely looking to play in professional tournaments in the future.”

Elza Tomase

In the future plans of Elza Tomase the main event is the planned studies in the USA, which will start in August 2021. Elza will study in the University of Tennessee, where a Liepaja tennis representative – Rebeka Margareta Mertena – is already studying.

Elza Tomase uzvarot ITF W15 Liepājas turnīrā
Elza Tomase victory in ITF W15 Liepāja tournament

Liepaja Tennis sport school congratulates Elza Tomase on this achievement and we wish for her to receive even higher awards in the future.