Liepaja Tennis sport school has 15 graduates

September 3, in the White hall of LOC Tennis hall took place the graduation of Liepaja Tennis sport school students. This time the school was graduated by 15 young tennis players who have obtained professional orientation program.The 20V813001 programme was graduated by – Francis Andersons, Kristers Boks, Elizabete Deglava, Valērija Januška, Kristiāna Lagzdiņa, Kristians Lasmanis, Gregors Lazdāns, Ralfs Rukmanis, Ketlina Arone, Paula Kapleite, Dāvis Krētainis, Gustavs Pagrabs, Patrīcija Putra, Megija Sokolovska and Didzis Vārna.

Free online seminar on the development of children’s sports talent

In May 28 will take place online seminar “TALENT. How to find and develop it?”. To participate in the seminar various sport coaches and parents of young athletes are welcome. In the first of kind seminar in Latvia local and international sport professionals will talk about how to find talent in the young athletes. During the seminar tips for the coaches and parents will be given on how to successfully develop a child talent and encourage the professional development from childhood. Seminar is organized by programm “Find your sport” (Atrodi savu sporta veidu) in collaboration with “Maxima Latvija”.For the coaches, who would like to be involved in the seminar and give questions, registration to the online seminar is obligatory here – Parents and unregistered coaches will be able to follow the online seminar in Bērnu republika Facebook account.

We invite you to Rihards Emuliņš seminar

We invite all our students from 13 years of age and up, as well their parents to Rihards Emuliņš seminar which will take place 12:00, February 9, in the White hall of LOC Tennis hall.Rihards Emuliņš is a tennis coach with 15 years of experience in Latvia and abroad.

He is creator of homepage and author of a tennis book ’Shortcut To Success’’.

Rihards is the anchor of show ‘’Tenisamānija’’.

Rihards Emuliņš is ranked 4th in Latvian tennis ranking. He has been ranked in ATP Singles and Doubles ranking. He has represented team Latvia at Davis Cup and won in Latvian championship. As well he has become BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) league champion as a member of University of Stirling.

Topics of the seminar:

  • How to enjoy the game?
  • How to keep positive thinking during the game?
  • How not to loose focus?
  • How to trust yourself till the end?
  • How to overcome losses?

Competing at competitions

  • Why to compete at competitions?
  • How much to compete in competitions?
  • At which competitions to compete?

Seminar is for free (will be in Latvian).

Please register –

ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour in Liepaja has begun

January 20 with Qualifiers the ITF W15 Women’s World Tennis Tour “Liepaja Open” is starting. In the first day our Alise Vindiga will begin to compete.From January 20 till 26 in the LOC tennis hall will take place “Liepaja Open”. In this tournament Liepaja will be represented by Elza Tomase, Patrīcija Špaka and Alise Vindiga.Alise Vindiga the competition will start already in January 20, with Qualifiers. Her game will start not before 15:00 against Melis Yasar from Sweden. Meanwhile Elza Tomase and Patrīcija Špaka will start in the Main Draw.

Everyone is welcome to support our tennis players as well the other tennis players. Entrance is for free. But, if you don’t have the possibility to come to the LOC tennis hall, you can follow the Live scores here –

ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour W15 “Liepaja Open” already in a week

As informed before, January 20-26 in Liepaja LOC Tennis hall will take place ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour W15 tournament “Liepaja Open” with support from Liepaja Municipality and Latvian Tennis Union. The tournament will have 15 000 USD prize money.In the coming of the tournament, there has been a small changes in the participants list. We informed before, that the highest WTA ranking player will be Ipek Soylu from Turkey, but she has withdraw her participation. At the moment the WTA highest ranked tennis player is Sarah-Rebecca Sekulic from Germany. She is ranked 417th in the WTA rankings.Good news for Liepaja tennis has arrived, because in addition to Liepaja Tennis sport school students Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga, an additional Wild card has received our Patrīcija Špaka.January 17-19 in Liepaja LOC Tennis hall will take place 1st leg of Latvian Tennis Union Cup for Adults, where the women winner will receive a Wild card to the ITF W15 “Liepaja Open” tournament.

Everyone is welcome to support the tennis players in the LOC Tennis hall. Entrance for visitors is for free.

Photo: Mārtiņš Vējš

In Liepaja will take place ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour W15 “Liepaja Open”

January 20 – 26 in LOC Tennis hall with the support of Liepaja Municipality and Latvian Tennis Union will take place ITF W15 category tournament for women “Liepaja Open” with 15 000 USD prize money.In the tournament will participate women from WTA ranking. Majority of them can be found among 500 best tennis players of the world. At the moment the interest to participate has shown tennis players from Turkey, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, France, Hungary, Sweden, Serbia, Estonia, Norway, Czech Republic, USA, Croatia, Lithuania, Israel, Austria and of course Latvia. At the moment, highest ranked player from WTA is Turkey representative Ipek Soylu, who is ranked in 276 place.Liepaja Tennis sport school will be represented by Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga, who have received Wild card.

Everyone is welcome to support the tennis players in the LOC Tennis hall. Entrance is for free.

This kind of tournament will be organized in Liepaja for the first time. Last time in Latvia ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour was organized in 1997, in Jūrmala.Photo: Mārtiņš Vējš

Anastasija Sevastova visits Liepājā and has an open training with autograph signing

November 14 Liepaja Tennis sport school students were invited to the LOC Tennis hall. It was visited by our local Anastasija Sevastova, which is currently WTA ranking 27th place holder. Anastasija had an open training together with Liepaja Tennis sport school students Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase and Alise Vindiga.After the open training, all Liepaja Tennis sport school students had the possibility to have a photo with Anastasija Sevastova, as well to get autographs and ask few questions. This opportunity was well received by Liepaja young tennis players.Anastasija stays in her hometown Liepaja already for few days to enjoy Liepaja wind and to have some small vacation. But still, Anastasija is using the new LOC Tennis hall opportunities to have tennis and overall physical trainings, to stay in good condition.Liepaja Tennis sport school would like to thank to Anastasija Sevastova for the possibility to organize an open training and show an example to young Liepaja tennis players.More pictures from the event are available in “Gallery

11 young tennis players graduating Liepaja Tennis sport school

Last week at the Liepaja Tennis sport school took place a celebration event for 11 Liepaja Tennis sport school graduating young tennis players.For finishing 8 year professional education program certificates were awarded to 9 young tennis players: Enija Paula Aploka, Anastasija Rižkova, Nikola Anna Pelnēna, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis, Kārlis Vēberis, Ričards Špaks, Ralfs Laukagals. Coach Olga Bordjugova.For graduating 4 year professional educational program, certificates for the higher skills received Valerijs Vorobjovs and Renārs Grodskis. Coach Daņils Kozlovs.More pictures you can find in “Gallery”.

Photo: Mārtiņš Vējš

New women Latvian tennis team captain Adrians Žguns supports the visit of Federation cup games of the young Liepaja tennis players

February 9 and 10 in Arena Riga will take place Federation cup 1st leg games, where team Latvia will compete for the first time in World II group against team Slovakia.This time Liepaja will be represented at the team Latvia by Anastasija Sevastova, as well by the new captain, former Liepaja Tennis sport school student – Adrians Žguns!

Adrians informed Liepaja Tennis sport school, that he would like to support it’s students and trainers, so he decided to pay for their visit to FED Cup games in Riga, so that the young tennis players and their coaches could enjoy the higher class tennis in Arena Riga.

Adrians Žguns explained, that he is supporting this because he hopes, that this opportunity will be used by as much kids as possible and that visiting these games will provide for Liepaja and Latvia much more world class tennis players!

Christmas in Liepaja Tennis sport school

Christmas time was celebrated as well among tennis players. December 19 last year our older students had physical activities playing Lasertag in Liepaja Olympic centre.Meanwhile December 20 at Liepaja secondary school no 6 was Christmas event for younger tennis players with games, dances and attractions.This years January 5 our U8, U9 and U10 age group tennis players took part in Latvian children tennis ball “Grinch Christmas”.