Patrīcija Špaka and Elza Tomase competes in ITF Juniors tournament in Lithuania

February 19 to 24 Liepaja Tennis sport school students Elza Tomase and Patrīcija Špaka competed in ITF Juniors tournament “Siauliai Open 2019” which took place in Lithuanian city Siauliai.

Elza Tomase began at Qualifiers, where in 1st round with 6-0 6-0 she won over Alice Barmashyna (Ukraine), but in 2nd round with 0-6 6-2 2-6 Elza lost to Kristina Dmitruk (Belarus) and her tournament was over.Patrīcija Špaka began the tournament with Main draw, where in 1st round with 6-2 6-1 she won over Selin Lidya Sepken (Turkey), but in 2nd round with 6-1 6-2 she won over Fausta Zykute (Lithuania). In game for Semifinal Patrīcija with 4-6 1-6 lost to 7th seeded Francesca Curmi (Malta).

In ITF Juniors tournament in Warsaw 2nd place

February 6-10 Liepaja Tennis sport school student Elza Tomase competed in ITF Juniours tournament “Warsaw Cup 2” which took place in capital of Poland – Warsaw.

6th seeded Elza Tomase in 1st round with 6-0 6-1 had an easy win over Nikol Palecek (Serbia), but in 2nd round with 6-2 6-4 a win over Agata Cerna (Czech Republic). In Quarterfinal Elza had to compete against 1st seeded Sofia Rocchetti (Italy) and with 7-6(6) 6-4 Elza was better than Italian. In Semifinal Elza competed against 4th seeded Terezie Pluharova (Czech Republic). Elza granted her place in Final by winning over Terezie with an easy 6-1 6-2. In Final Elza Tomase met with Alessandra Simone (Italy). In similar and intense game Elza with 6-7(4) 6-7(7) lost to the Italian and finished 2nd overall.Elza Tomase with Helena Narmont (Estonia) competed in Doubles. In 1st round Elza with Helena won over Nikol Palecek (Serbia) and Hanna Vinahradava (Belarus) with 6-3 6-3. But in the game for Semifinals Elza and Helena in tight game lost to Polish pair Carolina Cerowska and Olga Golas with 6-2 6-7(2) [12-14].

Liepaja wide represented at Federation Cup

February 9 and 10 in Arēna Rīga will take place Federation Cup 1st round games, where Latvian women tennis team will first time compete at the World II group, playing against team Slovakia.

As we informed before, Liepaja will be represented at the team Latvia by Anastasija Sevastova as well as former Liepaja Tennis sport school student Adrians Žguns as team captain!

We are very proud to inform, that among both previously mentioned Liepaja representatives, at the Federation Cup 1st round games Liepaja will be represented by one more tennis player – 2002 born Patrīcija Špaka, who will be at adult team Latvia for the first time.Previously Patrīcija was representing team Latvia at Juniors Federation Cup, as well last year she became European U16 vice-champion.

We congratulate our Patrīcija Špaka for getting into team Latvia and we wish her bright future.

New women Latvian tennis team captain Adrians Žguns supports the visit of Federation cup games of the young Liepaja tennis players

February 9 and 10 in Arena Riga will take place Federation cup 1st leg games, where team Latvia will compete for the first time in World II group against team Slovakia.This time Liepaja will be represented at the team Latvia by Anastasija Sevastova, as well by the new captain, former Liepaja Tennis sport school student – Adrians Žguns!

Adrians informed Liepaja Tennis sport school, that he would like to support it’s students and trainers, so he decided to pay for their visit to FED Cup games in Riga, so that the young tennis players and their coaches could enjoy the higher class tennis in Arena Riga.

Adrians Žguns explained, that he is supporting this because he hopes, that this opportunity will be used by as much kids as possible and that visiting these games will provide for Liepaja and Latvia much more world class tennis players!

Gold and Silver in international tournament

January 12 to 20 in Estonian city Narva took place Tennis Europe international tournament “Narva Cup” for U14 age group. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Dāvis Rolis, who was seeded 6th.In 1st round of Singles Dāvis had an easy win with 6-0 6-0 over Ivan Piskunov (Russia). In 2nd round Dāvis met with Nikodem Barcik (Poland) and won with 6-0 6-7(2) 6-2. In Quarterfinal Dāvis won with 6-4 6-1 over 1st seeded Stepan Piskunov (Russia). In Semifinal Dāvis Rolis with 6-4 7-6(4) made his place into the Final by win over 3rd seeded Andrey Kozlov (Russia). In Final Dāvis had to play against other Latvian player – Gustavs Dambiņš. With 3-6 2-6 Dāvis lost and finished 2nd overall.Dāvis Rolis competed as well in Doubles tournament, where he played together with Singles tournament winner Gustavs Dambiņš. Doubles Latvian pair began with Quarterfinal, where they with 6-4 6-2 won over Polish pair – Nikodem Barcik and Damian Piekarz. In Semifinal Dāvis and Gustavs had to compete against Ņikita Gavriļonoks (Latvia) and Moritz Lesjak (Austria). With 3-6 6-4 10-3 Dāvis and Gustavs landed in Final, where they had to compete against Russian pair – Dmitry Bessonov and Stepan Piskunov. In an intense Final game with 6-7(4) 7-6(5) 10-7 victory was taken by Latvian pair Dāvis Rolis and Gustavs Dambiņš. So Dāvis Rolis finished the tournament with Singles Silver and Doubles Gold medals!


It is possible to buy tockets to FED Cup 2019 February games in Arēna Rīga

FED CUP an unique possibility to enjoy high level tennis in Riga and support our stars Ostapenko and Sevastova.

February 9-10, 2019 in “Arēna Rīga” will take place FED CUP World II group 1st Round competition between team Latvia and team Slovakia. Already from October it is possible to buy tickets to this event, where our tennis stars Aļona Ostapenko and Anastasija Sevastova will represent team Latvia.Team Latvia in world ranking is in 15th place, but team Slovakia in 12th.

Tickets to this round are available in all “Biļešu Serviss” ticket points as well as in

Let’s support our team!

From Lithuania with gold and silver

October 25-29 in Lithuanian city Klaipeda took place ITF tournament “Autumn Open 2018 by Carlsberg Cup” for seniors. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Andis Aigars and Eduards Grodskis at 40+.In Singles Andis Aigars in Semifinal with 3-6 1-6 lost to Konstantin Sushkov (Russia), meanwhile Eduards Grodskis in Final with intense 4-6 6-4 6-4 won over Konstantin Sushkov (Russia) and celebrated victory in the Singles tournament.

Both our representatives competed at Doubles tournament as well. Andis Aigars together with Skirmantas Jutkonis (Lithuania) in Semifinal with 5-7 0-6 lost to our other representative Eduards Grodskis, who played together with Viktoras Gasiunas (Lithuania). In breathtaking Finals game Eduards with Viktoras lost over Lithuanian pair Robertas Blagusauskas and Dainius Dirzauskas with 7-5 4-6 [12-14]. So Eduards Grodskis in Doubles finished 2nd overall.

Latvia young tennis players 3rd year in a row wins SEB Baltic Future cup

October 6-7 in Estonia, Tallinn took place 6th annual SEB Baltic Future cup, where Latvia was represented by 12 best young tennis players:

  • U9 – Ēriks Mašals, Martins Mašals, Elizabete Marta Hamitova (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Anna Azarova (Liepaja Tennis sport school),
  • U11– Eduards Karpovs, Aleksandrs Sotikovs, Poļina Koroļova, Laura Spārniņa,
  • U13 – Dāvis Rolis (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Daniels Tens, Patrīcija Ungure-Rogozoveca, Enija Paula Aploka (Liepaja Tennis sport school),
  • Team coaches – Deniss Pavlovs, Irina Kuzmina-Rimša, Alise Vaidere.

Team Latvia had two intense days and the team which will win the Cup was found out only in the last games, where team spirit and support had big impact. Third year in a row the Cup was won by our team LATVIA!Games against Lithuania – 13 wins, 5 lost games, against Estonia 10 wins, 8 lost games.In these two days coaches and players showed what does the team spirit mean and that it is possible to win, if whole team works together!


Our Patrīcija Špaka competes at Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Final

Liepaja Tennis sport school student Patrīcija Špaka is in the Budapest (Hungary) where shi in team Latvia competes at the 2018 “Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas” Final. International tournament takes place September 25-30 and at the tournament competes 16 best teams from World.In the 1st day team Latvia with 3-0 won over team Japan. Patrīcija Špaka competed at the Singles game, where with 6-2 7-5 she won over Ange Oby Kajuru from Japan.

In the 2nd day team Latvia with 3-0 managed to win over team Brasil. Patrīcija Špaka in the Singles game with 6-1 6-2 won over Brazilian Camila Bossi. Patrīcija togethed with Stefānija Poļiščuka competed at the Doubles and with 6-3 6-2 Latvians won over Brazilians Camila Bossi and Nalanda Texeira da Silva.September 27 team Latvia will meet with team USA, which is 1st seeded at the tournament. We wish our girls a lot of success in the following games!

Our students takes two 2nd places at ITF tournament in Liepaja

September 3 to 7 at the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis sport school took place ITF Juniors tournament “Prince Cup Liepaja 2018”. At the tournament competed 90 tennis players from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Belgium, USA, Ukraine, Austria, Poland and Hungary. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Valērijs Vorobjovs, Anastasija Rižkova, Patrīcija Špaka, Elza Tomase, Alise Vindiga, Paula Jankova and Karolīna Skābe.Only Liepaja representative at boys competition, Valērijs Vorobjovs unfortunately lost already in the 1st round of Main draw with 2-6 3-6 to Pijus Vaitiekunas (Lithuania). Valērijs Vorobjovs together with Mārtiņš Rocēns (Ādaži TC) competed at Doubles tournament. In 1st round Valērijs and Mārtiņš with 6-0 7-6(3) won over Ugnius Bickauskis (Lithuania) and Artem Salomatov (Russia). In 2nd round with 4-6 6-4 10-8 Valērijs and Mārtiņš won over Lithuanians Justas Trainauskas and Matas Vasiliauskas. In Semifinal Valērijs with Mārtiņš won over Alexander Grekul (Ukraine) and Stephan Kortenhof (Austria) with 6-3 6-3. In Doubles Final Valērijs and Mārtiņš had to play against Finnish pair Roni Mikael Hietaranta and Roni Rikkonen. With 6-2 6-4 the victory was celebrated by Finnish pair, so our Valērijs Vorobjovs and Mārtiņš Rocēns from Ādaži (Latvia) finished 2nd.Boys Singles finalists:
1st place – Roni Mikael Hietaranta (Finland)
2nd place – Stephan Kortenhof (Austria)Boys Doubles finalists:
1st place – Roni Mikael Hietaranta (Finland), Roni Rikkonen (Finland)
2nd place – Valērijs Vorobjovs (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Mārtiņš Rocēns (Ādaži TC)At girls Singles competition best result by our girls was shown by Patrīcija Špaka and Elza Tomase, who had to compete against each other in Semifinal. This time better with 6-4 7-6(0) played Elza Tomase and got into the Final, where she had to play against Hanne Vandewinkel (Belgium). In Final with 6-1 6-3 Hanne Vandewinkel succeeded and took the victory, so our Elza Tomase finished 2nd.Girls Singles finalists:
1st place – Hanne Vandewinkel (Belgium)
2nd place – Elza Tomase (Liepaja Tennis sport school)In girls Doubles our girls got only till Quarterfinals, but in Final victory was celebrated by Belarusian Anastasiya Komar and Ekaterina Tikhonko.Girls Doubles finalists:
1st place – Anastasiya Komar (Belarus), Ekaterina Tikhonko (Belarus)
2nd place – Kristina Dmitruk (Belarus), Polina Iatcenko (Russia)More pictures in “Gallery“.