1st leg of beach tennis has concluded

Liepaja beach volleyball and tennis league had already it’s 1st leg. At first played beach volleyball players, then 1st leg took place for beach tennis players.In the 1st leg of beach tennis tournament competed 54 players.In the beach tennis tournament 1st leg victory was celebrated by Zane Vilnīte and Ieva Ore in women doubles and by Ģirts Antonovs and Artis Zombergs in men doubles.Next leg will take already in July 3.More pictures are available in “Gallery“.

1st leg results:

Men doubles:
Ģirts Antonovs/Artis Zombergs 1st place
Gints Siliņš/Kaspars Klamers 2nd place
Elans Strazdiņš/Daniels Špaks 3rd place
Dagnis Šliseris/Erlands Lazdāns 4th place
Andris Karulis/Kristaps Ošs-Ervics 5th place
Ģirts Karlsons/Aivars Ore 6th place
Miks Jaunzems/Elans Zīverts 7th place
Gustavs Griezītis/Klāvs Kalniņš 8th place

Women doubles:
Zane Vilnīte/Ieva Ore 1st place
Laila Beiere/Guna Jēkabsone 2nd place
Liene Lasmane/Evija Reinfelde 3rd place
Madara Berga/Linda Priekule 4th place
Kristīne Matisone/Ketlina Arone 5th place
Marija Kraule/Gita Karule 6th place
Krista Siliņa/Baiba Damberga 7th place
Sanita Eihmane/Kristīne Lāce 8th place

Babolat Prix in beach tennis has concluded

In the beach tennis courts by the new LOC tennis hall, took place “Babolat Prix” in beach tennis for men and women doubles. This competition was in Latvian beach tennis nationa ranking 1st category and was Latvian Tennis Union accredited tournament.Victory in men doubles celebreated Ģirts Antonovs and Guntis Kopštāls, meanwhile at women doubles – Inta Priede and Olga Merzļakova.

More pictures can be seen in “Gallery“.

In June will take place Babolat Prix in beach tennis

Saturday, June 15 from 11:00 in the new LOC Tennis hall beach tennis courts (Liedaga str.7, Liepaja) will take place “Babolat Prix” in beach tennis in Men doubles and Women doubles as the Latvian beach tennis nation ranking 1st category tournament.“Babolat Prix” in beach tennis will be one of few Latvian legs, where participants play for the Latvian beach tennis national ranking points and is accredited by Latvian Tennis Union. Tournament will be played by ITF rules. In the Latvian Championship can participate Latvian residents (personal id provided by the Republic of Latvia) and have not played for another county in the World Championship of beach tennis, as well participants have to be at least 14 years old.

Official website for the information, registrations for the tournament and future engagement regarding the beach tennis championship is www.beachtennis.io. Registration will be available for those, who have acquired licenses. Participation fee in the tournament is 30 Euro per pair.

In June will begin beach tennis tournament

Liepaja Sport department in cooperation with Liepaja Tennis sport school in June 19 will open the Beach Tennis Tournament 2019 season which will be organized in 5 legs, with the last leg in August 14. In the tournament everyone over 14 years of age are invited to compete.Beach tennis tournament legs will be played in June 19, July 3, 17, 31 and August 14. All tournament legs will begin at 17:00 with registration for the tournament leg, but games will begin at 18:00. All tournament legs will take place in the beach tennis courts by the new Tennis hall in Liedaga str.7, Liepaja. Participation fee is 10 euro from the team (two players) and has to be paid for the each leg participating. Tree tournament legs will be for men pairs and women pairs, but two legs will be for mixed pairs. If you want to take part in the tournament, but you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, tournament organizers will help you to find a partner on the spot, as well, if you don’t have your own beach tennis racket, organizers will provide you with one in the tournament. In bad weather conditions (strong wind or rain) the leg of the tournament can be postponed to the Thursday of Friday of the same week, or canceled.The tournament regulations can be found in Latvian language – https://www.liepaja.lv/pludmales-tenisa-turnirs/

See you in sand!

Liepaja Championship in beach tennis 2018 has concluded!

September 22-23 at the Liepaja beach took place “Liepaja Championship in beach tennis 2018”, which took place for women and men pairs as well as mixed pairs in amateur and professional leagues.In Amateur league for women pairs participated 18 players in 9 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Baiba Damberga and Ilze Kārkliņa, 2nd place Zane Vilnīte and Ieva Pelnēna. 3rd place Sigita Nezdulkina and Irita Strode.

In Amateur league for men pairs competed 20 players in 10 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Miks Jaunzems and Mareks Boļšakovs. 2nd place Edijs Eglītis and Erlands Lazdāns. 3rd place Reinis Režais and Jevgēņijs Kurovs.In Professional league for men pairs competed 16 players in 8 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Andris Antonovs and Ģirts Antonovs. 2nd place Elans Strazdiņš and Oskars Vaskis, 3rd place Sergejs Ratņikovs and Andrejs Maksimovs.

In Professional league for mixed pairs competed 18 players in 9 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Elza Tomase and Elans Strazdiņš. 2nd place Jūlija Piratova and Artis Zombergs, 3rd place Ilze Kārkliņa and Elans Zīverts.In Amateur league for mixed pairs competed 10 players in 5 pairs. Victory was celebrated by Inese Rendeniece and Reinis Režais. 2nd place Sigita Nezdulkina and Kaspars Brikmanis, 3r place Gaļina Šiekina and Andis Čerņecovs.

Photo gallery can be viewed here.

It will take place Liepaja Championship in Beach tennis 2018

As the summer is coming to end, Liepaja Tennis sport school together with Liepaja Sport department in September 22 and 23 will organize “Liepaja Championship in Beach tennis 2018”, which will take place at the beach volleyball courts by the Lifeguard station in Liepaja Central beach.Liepaja Championship in Beach tennis 2018 is organized to promote beach tennis and to find out best Liepaja beach tennis players in 2018 summer season. Championship will be organized for men and women pairs as well as mixed pairs.

In the Championship it is possible to compete for every Latvian inhabitant who is at least 14 years old. To have a honest possibility for everyone, participants will be able to compete in Amateurs and Professionals (PRO) divisions. In the Amateurs division it won’t be allowed to compete together in one pair for players who are in the Latvian Tennis union Top 20 ranking, Latvian Beach tennis Top 20 ranking, as well as ITF Beach tennis Top 1000 ranking. Meanwhile in the PRO division can play all without restrictions. We recommend to compete in the PRO division players with former tennis or beach tennis experience, to active tennis players or coaches, as well as other sport professionals.

To register for the competition, you have to arrive before the competition:

  • September 22 till 10:30 registration will be open for men and women pairs,
  • September 23 till 10:30 registration will be open for mixed pair competition.

In both days the competition will begin at 11:00. The Liepaja Championship in Beach tennis 2018 Regulations are found here (in Latvian).

Beach league prize giving ceremony

“Liepaja beach volleyball and beach tennis league 2018” prize giving ceremony for beach volleyball and beach tennis will take place in August 17, 2018 at 19:00 at the RedSunBuffet beach cafe. There will be snacks, drinks and cake.

We will award:
For beach volleyball:
1st to 6th place for men competition
1st to 6th place for women competition
1st to 6th place for seniors

For beach tennis:
1st to 6th place for men competition
1st to 6th place for women competition

Concluding beach tennis leg almost here

Hey, Hey, Hey…!
This has to be a colossal beach tennis week, which will begin with concluding beach tennis tournament leg in August 15. But be careful, because:
Warm-up begins at 16:00
Registration is from 16:45 till 17:20
Beginning of the competition at 17:30

Don’t miss the beginning, because this is the last possibility in this year tournament, where you can surprise with victory and put yourself up in the overall, to compete for the top 6 place and get the prizes.

P.S. Don’t be like this player, who seemingly has been late!

4th leg of beach tennis tournament has concluded

In August 1 took place the 4th leg of Beach Volleyball and tennis league “Liepaja” 2018, which was for mixed pairs. This time competed 22 mixed pairs.1st – 6th place finalists for mixed pairs tournament:
1st place – Kitija Kļaveniece / Artis Zombergs
2nd place – Aija Kalnīte / Guntars Kikučs
3rd place – Laura Prikule / Dagnis Šliseris
4th place – Ilze Kārkliņa / Elans Zīverts
5th place – Zane Vilnīte / Ģirts Antonovs
6th place – Krista Siliņa / Gints SiliņšPictures are available – here.

Next, concluding leg will take place in August 15.

2nd leg of beach tennis has concluded

In July 4th at the beach of Liepaja took place 2nd leg of beach tennis tournament “Liepāja”. This leg was for mixed pairs competition.At this leg participated 46 participants in 23 mixed pairs.

2nd leg winners:
1st place: Laura Prikule/ Dagnis Šliseris
2nd place: Kitija Kļaveniece/ Elans Strazdiņš
3rd place: Zane Vilnīte/ Ģirts Antonovs Pictures from this leg can be found – here.

Next leg will be held on July 18, when the competition will take place again for the men and women pairs.