Our students takes two 2nd places at LTU Cup legs

October 9 till 11 in Latvia took place two 8th LTU Cup legs. In Aizkraukle competed U12 age group tennis players, meanwhile in Riga competed U18 tennis players. Liepaja Tennis sport school students Marija Lauva and Enija Paula Aploka in their age groups took 2nd places.In U12 age group Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Marija Lauva, Elizabete Marta Hamitova, Sabīne Vaidere, Paula Gurecka, Laura Kristiana Sprūde, Bogdans Kozlovs and Gustavs Brižs. Best success from our students in Aizkraukle had Marija Lauva. She got herself a place in the Final. With 2-6 5-7 against 1st seeded Odeta Panasa (Tennis Pro Academy) left our Marija Lauva in 2nd place.In U18 Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Enija Paula Aploka and Dāvis Rolis. Dāvis couldn’t finish the 1st round game, but Enija Paula Aploka got herself till the Final. On the way to the Final Enija won over 2nd and 3rd seeded tennis players, but in the Final she had to play against 1st seeded Dārta Daļecka (ACB/VL tenisa skola). With 1-6 6-7(8) Enija lost to her opponent. So at the end of the 8th LTU Cup leg our Enija Paula Aploka finished 2nd.

Our Dāvids Špaks finishes 2nd in ITF Juniors Doubles

September 28 – October 2 in Ādaži took place ITF Juniors “Ādaži Open” where Liepaja Tennis sport school representative Dāvids Špaks finished 2nd in Doubles.Our only representative in the tournament Dāvids Špaks in the first game in Singles Main draw lost with 5-7 2-6 to Markus Molder from Estonia. Meanwhile in Doubles our Dāvids Špaks played together with Alexi Khamrotau from Belarus. Both boys in the 1st round with 7-6(3) 6-3 won over Latvian pair Artjoms Afanasjevs and Daniels Tens. After then Latvian-Belarusian pair made victory with 7-5 6-3 over 4th seeded Noah Eisenberg (USA) and Fabio Nestola (Great Britain). In Semifinal Dāvids with Alexi with 6-4 7-6(3) made their place in Final over Swedish pair Elliot Altman and John Gabelic. With similar game Dāvids and Alexi against Nicolas Kobelt (Switzerland) and Arslanbek Temirhanov (Sweden) lost to 2nd seeded pair with 6-7(5) 4-6. So at the end our Dāvids Špaks and Belarusian Alexi Khamrotau finished 2nd in Doubles.

At Liepaja Championships few medals stay at home

September 19 and 20 in Liepaja took place “Liepājas meistarsacensības by Ferax” (Liepaja Championship by Ferax) for adults. Victory at women competition was celebrated by our Alise Vindiga, 2nd place at men competition was taken by our Eduards Grodskis, but 2nd place for women took our Paula Jankova.At the tournament competed 9 men and 5 women. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Martins Ivanovs, Eduards Grodskis, Alise Vindiga, Paula Jankova, Anastasija Rižkova and Karolīna Skābe.At men competition best result from our representatives had Eduards Grodskis by getting into the Final. On the way to Final he won over 1st seeded Mārtiņš Jaunzems (Mārupes TS) with 6-1 6-3. In Final 4-6 6-7(3) Eduards lost to 2nd seeded Jānis Auslands (LSNT akadēmija). So at the end our Eduards Grodskis finished in 2nd place at Liepaja Championship by Ferax.Medalists at men competition:
1st place – Jānis Auslands (LSNT akadēmija)
2nd place – Eduards Grodskis (Liepaja Tennis sport school)
3rd place – Jānis Krastiņš (PTA tenisa klubs)At women competition, due to smaller participant number, the tournament was played in group game system, where every player had to play against every opponent. By having all easy wins, the 1st place at the tournament was taken by our Alise Vindiga (Liepaja Tennis sport school). Loosing only one game, 2nd place was taken by our Paula Jankova (Liepaja Tennis sport school), but in 3rd place came Līva Lūse (Enri TK).With “Liepāja Championship by Ferax” for adults, the Liepaja Championships has finished. They were organized for U12, U14, U18 age groups and adults. Liepaja Tennis sport school thanks to the supporters of the tournament – Liepaja company “Ferax” (https://www.facebook.com/ferax.lv) and Liepaja municipality. Special thanks goes to Andrejs Žukovs.

Our Kārlis Vēberis finishes 3rd in Liepaja U18 Championship

September 17 and 18 in Liepaja took place “Liepājas meistarsacensības by Ferax” (Liepaja Championship by Ferax) for U18 age group. Our Kārlis Vēberis finished 3rd.At the tournament competed 9 boys and 13 girls. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Kārlis Vēberis, Didzis Vārna, Ričards Špaks, Francis Andersons, Paula Jankova, Anastasija Rižkova, Paula Kapleite, Elizabete Deglava, Kristiana Lagzdiņa and Annete Skripka.At boys competition the best result from our students showed Kārlis Vēberis, who was 2nd seeded. Kārlis got till the Semifinal, where with 1-6 1-6 he lost to 3rd seeded Ruslans Filipenko (ACB/VL tenisa skola). In the game for 3rd place Kārlis with 6-2 6-3 was better than 4th seeded Pavels Petrovs (ACB/VL tenisa skola), so at the end our Kārlis Vēberis finished 3rd. Meanwhile the victory in Liepaja Championship by Ferax was celebrated by Ruslans Filipenko (ACB/VL tenisa skola), who with 6-2 6-0 left in the 2nd place 1st seeded Artūrs Žagars (Event Lab).At girls competition none of our students unfortunately couldn’t get till the Semifinal. Victory in the tournament was celebrated by Jasmīne Lūse (Mārupes TS), 2nd place took Laura Spārniņa (TSS Open), but in 3rd place finished Elīza Kupruka (Mārupes TS).

“Liepājas Championship by Ferax” will conclude with the competition for adults, which will take place September 19 and 20.Tournament is supported by company from Liepaja – “Ferax” (https://www.facebook.com/ferax.lv) and Liepaja Municipality. Special thanks to Andrejs Žukovs.

Ance Skripke takes 2nd place in Ventspils

September 6 in Ventspils took place “Ventspils Prix” (“Ventspils balvas izcīņa”) for U8 age group. In this tournament girls and boys were competing in the same group. Our Ance Skripka finished 2nd.Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Ance Skripka, Samanta Laura Kukle, Emīls Latišs, Sabīne Strautiņa, Ernests Škuburs, Jaroslava Golovanova and Lizete Keita Kisele.Till the deciding games only Ance Skripka from our students got her way. In the final round winning one and loosing one game, at the end Ance Skripka finished 2nd in the Ventspils Prix.

In Liepaja U12 Championship wins our students

September 7 and 8 in Liepaja took place “Liepaja Championship by Ferax” (Liepājas meistarsacensības by Ferax) for U12 age group. Victories were celebrated by Bogdans Kozlovs and Anna Azarova.At the tournament competed 27 young tennis players and only 4 were not Liepaja Tennis sport school students. At boys competition till the Final got our student, 1st seeded Bogdans Kozlovs and Romans Kravcovs (Denisa Pavlova TS). With 6-2 6-2 victory was celebrated by our Bogdans Kozlovs, in 2nd place – Romans Kravcovs. Meanwhile the 3rd place took Ralfs Upenieks (individually).At girls competition till the final got two our students – 1st seeded Anna Azarova and 2nd seeded Elizabete Marta Hamitova. With 6-0 6-3 victory in Liepaja Championship by Ferax took Anna Azarova, so Elizabete Marta Hamitova finished in 2nd, but in 3rd place came Marina Markina (Private TK).Already in September 9 and 10 will begin Liepaja Championship by Ferax for U14 age group.

Tournament is supported by enterprise from Liepaja – “Ferax” (https://www.facebook.com/ferax.lv) and Liepaja municipality. Special thanks for support to Andrejs Žukovs.

Liepaja Tennis sport school has 15 graduates

September 3, in the White hall of LOC Tennis hall took place the graduation of Liepaja Tennis sport school students. This time the school was graduated by 15 young tennis players who have obtained professional orientation program.The 20V813001 programme was graduated by – Francis Andersons, Kristers Boks, Elizabete Deglava, Valērija Januška, Kristiāna Lagzdiņa, Kristians Lasmanis, Gregors Lazdāns, Ralfs Rukmanis, Ketlina Arone, Paula Kapleite, Dāvis Krētainis, Gustavs Pagrabs, Patrīcija Putra, Megija Sokolovska and Didzis Vārna.

Two 2nd places from Saulkrasti

August 29 and 30 in Saulkrasti took place “Prince balvas izcīņa” (Prince Prix) for U12 age group. Our students Paula Gurecka and Gustavs Brižs both took 2nd places. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Gustavs Brižs who was seeded 2nd and Paula Gurecka who was seeded 3rd.

In boys competition Gustavs Brižs got till Final, where with 2-6 4-6 he lost to Romans Kravcovas (Denisa Pavlova TS) and finished 2nd. In girls competition Paula Gurecka similar as Gustavs got till Final where with 1-6 4-6 lost to 1st seeded Krista\ Sautiņa (Ādaži TC), so at the end Paula finished 2nd.

Concluded 7th leg of LTU Cup for U18

August 22-24 in the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis sport school took place 7th leg of LTU Cup for U18 age group. Victory at boys competition was celebrated by Daniels Tens (ACB/VL tenisa skola), bu at girls competition by Dārta Daļecka (ACB/VL tenisa skola). Our Alise Vindiga finished 2nd, but Dāvids Špaks – 3rd.

Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Dāvids Špaks, Dāvis Rolis, Kārlis Vēberis, Didzis Vārna, Ričards Špaks, Ralfs Rukmanis, Francis Andersons, Alise Vindiga, Veronika Jociene, Paula Jankova, Karolīna Skābe, Anastasija Rižkova, Paula Kapleite, Kristiana Lagzdiņa, Valērija Januška and Anastasija Lomovska.Best result from our students at boys competition had 2nd seeded Dāvids Špaks, by getting till the Semifinal, where with 3-6 2-6 he lost to 4th seeded Daniels Tens (ACB/VL tenisa skola). Meanwhile the game for 3rd place didn’t take place, because the opponent didn’t appear for the game, so Dāvids finished 3rd. 1st place in the 7th leg was taken by Daniels Tens (ACB/VL tenisa skola), 2nd came Ruslans Filipenko (ACB/VL tenisa skola), but in 3rd – Dāvids Špaks (Liepaja Tennis sport school).At girls competition best result from our students had Alise Vindiga, who was seeded 2nd. She managed to get till the Final, where with 3-6 3-6 she lost to 1st seeded Dārta Daļecka. So at girls competition 1st place was taken by Dārta Daļecka (ACB/VL tenisa skola), in 2nd came Alise Vindiga (Liepaja Tennis sport school), but 3rd place went to Dariia Monakhova (JA Tennis Academy).

E.Ernestsons Prix for youngest players has concluded

August 15 and 16 in the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis sport school took place “E.Ernestsona balvas izcīņa” (E.Ernestsons Prix) for the youngest players – U8, U9 and U10 age groups. This tournament was organized with the support of Edgars Ernestsons granddaughter Monta Reinfelde. In 1st place came Loreta Šarlote Sprūde, 2nd place was taken by Emīls Latišs, Ance Skripka, but in 3rd – Leonards Ozoliņš and Kristens Buncis.

At the tournament competed 91 young tennis players from Latvia and Lithuania. Liepaja Tennis sport school at this home event was represented by 38 tennis players.In U8 for boys at the final stage came Emīls Latišs (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Gustavs Šupstiks (Liepaja Tennis sport school), Kristens Buncis (Liepaja Tennis sport school) and Gabrielius Gedminas (individually, Lithuania). After games between each other, with the three games win 1st place was taken by young tennis player from Lithuania – Gabrielius Gediminas, in 2nd place came our Emīls Latišs, but in 3rd place our Kristens Buncis.In U8 for girls for the final stage qualified Gabriela Jaunzeme (TK Jelgava) and three our students – Ance Skripka, Lelde Štēbele and Loreta Šarlote Sprūde. 1st place was taken by Loreta Šarlote Sprūde (Liepaja Tennis sport school), in 2nd place came Ance Skripka (Liepaja Tennis sport school), but in 3rd place came Gabriela Jaunzeme from Jelgava.In U9 for boys in the Semifinals came Mārtiņš Gabrāns (TK Aizkraukle), Rūdolfs Diļevs (Mārupes TS), Renāts Kurmatovs (Tennis Pro Academy) and Roberts Paškovs (Ventspils TK). Victory was taken by Mārtiņš Gabrāns, in 2nd place – Rūdolfs Diļevs, but in 3rd came Renāts Kurmatovs. From both our students who competed at U9, best results has Markuss Gūža, who finished 6th.In U9 for girls competed 25 young tennis players. Till the Semifinal got Adrija Kriščiūnaite (individually, Lithuania), Kira Ptičkina (individually, Rīga), Katrīna Sutta (Mārupes TS) and Madara Jaunzeme (Liepaja Tennis sport school). At the end 1st place was won by Lithuanian player from Mariampole – Adrija Kriščiūnaite, in 2nd came Katrīna Sutta from Mārupe, but in 3rd Kira Ptičkina from Rīga. Our Madara Jaunzeme finished 4th.In U10 for boys till the Semifinal got Gustavs Gutans (ACB/VL Tenisa skola), Artis Aire (ACB/VL Tenisa skola) and two our students – Leonards Ozoliņš un Damirs Livanskis. In Semifinal won both ACB/VL Tenisa skola students, so they competed for the 1st and 2nd place. In 1st place came Artis Aire, but in 2nd – Gustavs Gutans. Meanwhile in game for 3rd place between our students with 4-1 the 3rd place was taken by Leonards Ozoliņš, but Damirs Livanskis finished 4th.In U10 for girls till the Semifinal got Alise Aleksejeva (Mārupes TS), Maria Klevanova (Denisa Pavlova TS), Marta Bozoviča (Daugavpils BJSS) and Melitina Kotlyarova (Tennis Pro Academy). 1st place was taken by Alise Aleksejeva, in 2nd – Melitina Kotlyarova, but 3rd – Maria Klevanova. From our students best result had Jeļizaveta Rižkova by finishing 7th.