Tennis maestro Edgars Ernestsons is leaving forever

Like most sports, tennis in Liepaja has the most characteristic stages. One is the very beginning of the last century, when tennis was born in Liepaja and strengthened the foundations. The second – the thirties, when the titles of Latvian masters traveled to Liepāja. The third – in the mid-fifties, when Nikolajs Puhovs returned to work and managed to restore the tennis courts which were destroyed during the Second World War. The fourth started in the sixties, when Edgars Ernestsons came to work in Liepaja after graduating from the Institute of Physical Education. It turned out to be the brightest stage of Liepaja tennis, allowing our city to be called one of the Latvian tennis centers and to hold world-class competitions here.I assume that everyone who knew Ernestsons will name different factors, due to which he will remain one of the most experienced and successful coaches in the history of Liepaja sports. One of the main ones will be the number of Latvian champions in tennis and table tennis, and the top of this list is Anastasia Sevastova. The second will remind Ernestsons view that there are talents and workers in these sports, and will mention the coach’s principle – to work with everyone equally. The third will bring to the fore the fact that tennis for Ernestsons was not only a sport, but a way of life, and in the tennis courts of Jūrmala park he could be seen more often than at home. If you want, you can also emphasize the role of destiny, forcing a graduate basketball specialist and in the first years coach of volleyball to choose table tennis and tennis, preferring Liepaja among other cities.

Everything is correct. However, in my opinion, Ernestsons work and success were based on another, constant value, which is nobly called honesty. But if you want to say simpler – do it to the end, no matter what the training conditions. And so for more than half a century.

Where is the time when Ernestsons started fighting for more suitable training conditions in winter. Liepāja received the indoors tennis hall them, when he no longer coached.

/Andžils Remess, “Kurzemes Vārds”/

Free online seminar on the development of children’s sports talent

In May 28 will take place online seminar “TALENT. How to find and develop it?”. To participate in the seminar various sport coaches and parents of young athletes are welcome. In the first of kind seminar in Latvia local and international sport professionals will talk about how to find talent in the young athletes. During the seminar tips for the coaches and parents will be given on how to successfully develop a child talent and encourage the professional development from childhood. Seminar is organized by programm “Find your sport” (Atrodi savu sporta veidu) in collaboration with “Maxima Latvija”.For the coaches, who would like to be involved in the seminar and give questions, registration to the online seminar is obligatory here – Parents and unregistered coaches will be able to follow the online seminar in Bērnu republika Facebook account.

2020 season begins at tennis courts in Liepaja Jurmalas park

From May 19, 2020 Jurmala Park Tennis courts are open to visitors. Visitors must observe all social distancing and epidemiological security measures carried out during the state of emergency.

When visiting the tennis courts, please make a reservation in advance by phone +37128306323 or email:

We encourage you to use non-cash payments for payments for services.

Tennis court opening hours:
Working days 8:00 – 21:00
Saturdays 9:00 – 20:00
Sundays 9:00 – 19:00

Working days 7:00 – 22:00
Saturdays, Sundays 8:00 – 21:00

For a healthy lifestyle!

Classes are resumed with restrictions at Liepaja Tennis sport school

During the emergency state in Latvia, from May 14, 2020 tennis classes for Liepaja Tennis sport school students will resume in LOC Tennis hall and Liepaja Tennis sport school tennis courts in Jurmala park, with the condition, that the emergency state social distancing and epidemiological security rules are followed.During the classes our students have to maintain the distance at least 2 meters and they have to use their own equipment (except tennis balls). The students must arrive exactly on time without gathering by the entrances. In addition it is not allowed for the accompanying persons to gather and stay at the training venue. The lockers and showers can’t be used before and after the training. And we hope that our students will follow the requirements to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after the training.It is forbidden to be in the training venues if the person is in one of the following groups, who has to stay in isolation or quarantine, as well if the person is with signs of respiratory infectious disease.

For the time being, persons under 7 years of age will not be involved in the classes. Classes for these students will be continued remotely online.

During an emergency, the parental co-financing fee will be reduced to 70% for training groups that will be provided with face-to-face classes.

About any new further changes we’ll inform you separately.

The team of Liepaja Tennis sport school invites everyone to treat their health and the health of those around them carefully.

Anastasija Sevastova nominated for Fed Cup Heart award

Balvas kandidātes. Foto:

Team Latvia player, our local Anastasija Sevastova for the second year in a row is nominated for the Fed Cup Heart award. This nomination Anastasija received for the win in the Fed Cup in February 2020 when team Latvia met with team USA. During the games our Anastasija with 7-6(5) 3-6 7-6(4) won over the 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams, who in the Fed Cup Singles had only victories – 14 of them.

At the end team Latvia with 2-3 lost to team USA.

The winner will be announced on May 11.

Important information regarding the national emergency

With this we inform, that with the purpose to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Latvia, with the March 12, 2020 order of Latvian Cabinet of Ministers “Par ārkārtējās situācijas izsludināšanu” (On declaring an emergency situation) (available here (in Latvian) – from March 12, 2020 till April 14, 2020 in the territory of Latvia an emergency situation has been declared.
Because of that all training and learning process (trainings, competitions and repetitions) has been canceled. During the emergency situation it is not allowed to take part in any tournaments (in Latvia and abroad), as well it is not allowed to have or participate in any training camps (in Latvia and abroad).

In case of questions, please call following numbers: +371 26425848 or +371 26374343.

Additional information: Indefinitely to visitors are closed SIA “Liepājas Olimpiskais centrs” and SIA “OC Liepāja” (LOC Olympic centre, LOC Swimming pool&SPA, LOC Ice hall, LOC Manege, LOC Tennis hall, Stadium “Velnciems”, Stadium “Raiņa parks”, Stadium “Olimpija”, Stadium “Daugava” and Stadium “Daugava” reserve field).
Follow all the information about Covid-19 in official information provider

Our students had successful weekend

Last weekend in Latvia took place few tennis tournaments. In Ādaži at the LTU Cup leg victory was celebrated by Alise Vindiga, but Enija Paula Aploka finished 2nd. Meanwhile in Jelgava at U12 Alise Latiša finished 3rd.March 6-8 in Ādaži took place 3rd leg of LTU Cup for U18. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Didzis Vārna, Alise Vindiga, Evelīna Ķīvīte, Karolīna Skābe and Enija Paula Aploka.Didzis Vārna began with Qualifiers, but couldn’t manage to get into the Main draw. At girls competition Enija Paula Aploka as well began with the Qualifiers and she got into the Main draw where she joined other girls from Liepaja. In Main draw Karolīna Skābe finished already in 1st round by loosing with 2-6 4-6 to 2nd seeded Agrita Gavronska (Mārupes TS), but our 4th seeded Evelīna Ķīvīte got till the Semifinal, where with 1-6 2-6 she lost to our 1st seeded Alise Vindiga. Meanwhile Enija Paula Aploka who went through the Qualifiers, managed to get into the Final, which took place between two our students. With 6-3 6-2 the victory in the tournament was celebrated by Alise Vindiga, so Enija Paula Aploka finished 2nd, but Evelīna Ķīvīte in the game for 3rd place lost to Angelīna Bļinova (Tennis 4 fun) with 2-6 2-6 and finished 4th.March 7-8 in Jelgava took place tournament “Tenisa Klubs Jelgava” for U12 age group. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Alise Latiša who got into the Semifinal, but with 1-6 6-7(1) lost to 1st seeded Paula Grabovska (Enri TK). In the game for 3rd place Alise with 6-1 6-2 had an easy win over 3rd seeded Emīlija Golde. So at the end our Alise Latiša finished 3rd in Jelgava.

Marija Lauva returns from Jelgava with Silver

February 29 – March 1 in Jelgava took place tournament “Tenisa Klubs Jelgava” for U14 age group. Our Marija Lauva finished 2nd.

Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Marija Lauva, Elizabete Marta Hamitova and Anna Azarova.Elizabete Marta Hamitova concluded the tournament with game for Semifinal, where with 6-3 3-6 1-6 she lost to 3rd seeded Paula Bergmane (Tennis Pro Academy). In the game for Semifinal the tournament as well concluded Anna Azarova who with 0-6 1-6 lost to 2nd seeded Oļesja Demčenkova (Tennis Pro Academy). Meanwhile Marija Lauva was 1st seeded and with good result she managed to get into the Final. With 5-7 4-6 in Final better this time was Oļesja Demčenkova. So at the end Liepaja Tennis sport school student Marija Lauva concluded the tournament in 2nd place.

Bogdans Kozlovs takes 3rd place in Ādaži

February 22nd and 23rd in Ādaži took place “TC Ādaži Cup” for U12 age grope. Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented only by Bogdans Kozlovs who finished 3rd.

Our Bogdans Kozlovs was 1st seeded at the competition. In the 1st round Bogdans with 6-1 6-1 had an easy win over Ņikita Iņutins. In 2nd round with 6-0 6-1 over Martins Mašals (Tennis Pro Academy) Bogdans granted a place in Semifinal, where with 4-6 1-6 he lost to 4th seeded Rafaels Bācis (Denisa Pavlova TS). In the game for 3rd place with 7-6 6-2 over 3rd seeded Vladimirs Krastiņš (Revers’96-TK) our Bogdans Kozlovs finished in 3rd place in Ādaži.

Meanwhile in Jelgava took place tournament “Tenisa Klubs Jelgava” for U14 age group, where Liepaja Tennis sport school was represented by Elizabete Marta Hamitova and Anna Azarova. Unfortunately both our girls couldn’t manage to get into the Semifinal. Even though in the 1st round Elizabete Marta Hamitova with 6-2 6-2 won over 2nd seede Stefānija Bolēvica (Event Lab).

In Liepaja concluded “A.Sevastova Prix” for young tennis players

February 15 and 16 in Liepaja LOC Tennis hall took place “A.Sevastova Prix” (A.Sevastovas balvas izcīņa) for U8, U9 and U10 age groups. At the tournament competed 62 young tennis players from all Latvia. Our students had various success. In U8 age group 1st place took Loreta Šarlote Sprūde, 2nd place – Ance Skripka and Emīls Latišs, but 3rd place – Jasmīna Sizova, meanwhile in U10 Leonards Ozoliņš finished 3rd. In U8 for boys victory was taken by Sebastians Sauša (ACB/VL Tenisa skola), who won all games, but 2nd place was taken by Liepaja Tennis sport school student Emīls Latišs, in 3rd place finished Arons Osipjans (Denisa Pavlova TS). Meanwhile in girls competition all medals were taken by Liepaja Tennis sport school students – 1st place took Loreta Šarlote Sprūde, in 2nd place finished Ance Skripka, but 3rd place – Jasmīna Sizova. In U9 age group for boys competed only one Liepaja Tennis sport school student – Markuss Gūža, but unfortunately he couldn’t manage to win a game and finished in last 8th place. Victory was celebrated by Evans Mellups (Tennis Pro Academy), in 2nd place finished Renārs Silms (ACB/VL Tenisa skola), but in 3rd – Otto Reno Rasa (Bīriņa TK). In U9 girls competition the best result by our students was shown by Darja Korčevska who finished 4th. Victory was taken by Elīze Puriņa (TC Ādaži), 2nd place – Tīna Jansone (individually), but in 3rd place finished Kira Ptičkina (individually). In U10 age group for boys in the Final round got our student Leonards Ozoliņš, who at the end finished in 3rd place. Victory was celebrated by Jānis Liberts (TC Ādaži), but in 2nd place finished Vestards Elsbergs (TC Ādaži). In U10 girls competition the best success from our students was shown by Viktorija Homutova who got into the Final round, but at the end finished in 4th place. Victory was taken by Marina Markina (individually), in 2nd place finished Kira Šurašova (Tennis Pro Academy), but in 3rd place – Elizabete Ozola (Mārupes TS).