Liepaja Tennis sport schools E-school


Terms of use
E-school is an internal information system of Liepāja Tennis sport school (hereinafter – the School).
The task of the E-school is to promote a quality educational process and ensure effective exchange of information in cooperation with various stakeholders – learners, parents, teachers and the administration of the School.
For convenient and safe use of the E-school, it is in the interests of the Users to get acquainted with and follow the rules described below. The Terms of Use determine the procedure by which E-school users (hereinafter – Users) use the information and services available in the E-school.

System access (Autorizācija sistēmā)
In order to be able to log in to the School information system E-school, your username and passwords will be sent to your e-mail.Password recovery (Paroles atjaunošana)
In a situation where you have an existing profile in the E-school information system, you can perform a password reset to access the information system. To do this, you need to enter your e-mail. The new password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.Beginning (Sākums)
In the Home section you will see the Next scheduled trainings, Additional responsibilities, such as judging in competitions, attending health examinations, etc., training attendance chart and news from School in Facebook.Calendar (Kalendārs)
In the Calendar section it is possible to see all the trainings that have taken place and the ones which are planned, times, the trainers who will lead the lesson, the training venue. In this section you will also be able to follow until the training attendance.
To make viewing your calendar even more convenient, features such as Add Calendar to Phone (see Calendar for E-School in the Calendar section) and Print Calendar are available. Attendance (Apmeklējums)
In the Attendance section you can view detailed information about the trainings that took place, as well as how many have been attended or not attended. By holding the mouse cursor over the number of untrained workouts, you can see how many of them are unjustified, justified or missed due to illness.Performance criteria (Rezultativitātes kritēriji)
In this section you can view the performance criteria that must be met in accordance with Regulation No.508 of Cabinet of Ministers, in order for the learner to be transferred to the next training group on September 1 of each year.
Also in this section you can see the results of the implemented control norms and their dynamics and evaluation in accordance with the control norms approved by the Latvian Tennis Union.

Absence (Prombūtne)
Use for parents to pass on information about the reasons for not attending training (excursions, health problems, etc.) and also for longer absences. This information is only available to coaches, with the aim of facilitating daily work in communication with coaches and learners, as well as improving the training planning process.

Contacts (Kontakti)
In the Contacts section you can view the contact information of School administration and coaches.

Profile (Profils)
In the Profile section you can edit your contact information and password.

In case of uncertainty, write to