• Tsarist Russian capital St. – Petersburg newspapers says that in the city of Liepaja starts practicing tennis from the 1906th year.
  • Liepaja Tennis courts 1917th year:
  • Year 1926 – active tennis players of Liepaja – German brothers Lasman supported establishing Liepaja tennis club.
  • Especially popular tennis Liepaja was at 30th years. At that time, courts were in four areas of the city:
    1. Among the Velodrome and stadium “Olympia” – 3rd courts
    2. In Dzintaru Street was German Club
    3. In Karosta was the Army Sports Club, where was also a tennis club
    4. most popular courts were at Seaside Park, which was created in 1910. At the time there were 6 courts, 3 of which belonged to the European association.
  • After World war II in Liepaja there were only memories about tennis.
  • Liepaja tennis revival can be looked up at year 1954, when from Auce to Liepaja arrived tennis coach Nikolajs Puhovs. On his initiative, tennis courts were restored at Basiena street and Seaside Park.
  • In the 70ties a former tennis player from Liepaja Irnia Shevchenko-Gudele regularly won medals at the USSR championships. From year 1974 on to year 1984 she became the Latvian champion 7 times in singles, 4 times in doubles and 5 times in mixed doubles.
  • In December of year 1975 a decision was taken – Liepaja tennis courts must be  reconstructed. Reconstruction was launched in the spring of year 1976, which ran unacceptably long period.
  • Despite the fact that Liepaja did not have a suitable place tennis lessons, Liga Medne became the Latvian champion in years 1980 and 1981.
  • Season of year 1983 Liepaja tennis players began in their courts at Seaside Park. Next title of Latvian champion by players from Liepaja was owned by Olga Makarcuka at year 1989. Among with the success in singles, award-winning places in Latvian championships were fought in doubles and mixed doubles.
  • At the second half of the 80ties, Liepaja tennis players participated in various tournaments in the former Soviet Union (M.Svarcs, E.Ernestone, O.Makarcuka, A.Zguna, D.Mezniece, J.Jakovleva, D.Andersone, A.Kolesins, E.Grodskis, E.Lazdans, V.Filipovs, G.Rolis, M.Kronbergs and others).
  • Till year 1990 Liepaja Tennis Sport School was one departments of Liepaja Complex Sports School, but at the year 1990 Liepaja Tennis Sport School was established, whose director was Imants Andersons.
  • 12 of our former students have studied or are studying in universities in the United States of America. Including Andzela Zguna and Andrejs Kolesins, who was one of the most talented former students of Liepaja Tennis Sport School. Andzela Zguna was the first of Liepaja who entered the WTA rankings.
  • In year 2004 in the ATP rankings entered her brother Adrians zguns who represented Latvia at the Davis Cup match against Tunisia. Currently, he played in team of the University of Arkansas. In this very team successfully played Karina Ledaja.
  • During the summer season in Liepaja takes place many popular tournaments where participates Latvian and foreign tennis players. Since year 1996 as first in the Baltics, “Tennis Europe” tournament U14 is organized in Liepaja.
  • The international season opening tournament “Zelta Wilson” takes place since year 1998 and is one of the most popular tournaments in the country. Every year in this tournament participates around 200 participants from Latvian and other countries in all age groups.
  • Thrice Liepaja was entrusted to hold a Davis Cup matches. Year 2002 Latvia played against Ivory Coast, while in the year 2004 the opponents were the Tunisian national team. In year 2012 Team Latvia played against Team Ukraine.