In the 1930s, tennis courts were located in four districts of the city - between the cycle track and stadium "Olimpija" - 3 courts, in Dzintaru street was located German tennis club, in Naval port (Karosta) was an army sports club, which included tennis club. The most popular tennis courts were located in Jūrmalas parks (Seaside park), which were created in 1910. Three of the courts belonged to European society. After the World war II tennis in Liepaja was only in memories.
The revival of Liepāja tennis can be considered 1954, when tennis coach Nikolajs Puhovs came to Liepāja from Auce. On his initiative, tennis courts in Jurmala park and Basiena street were renovated.
Edgars Ernestsons
Edgars Ernestsons moved from Auces to Liepājā and began to coach table tennis. But in 1962 Edgars Ernestsons focused specifically on the profession of tennis coach. In his long coaching career, Edgars Ernestsons has prepared several players who have succeeded in competitions of various scales. Among them is the best tennis player of Latvia - Anastasija Sevastova. One of the most important findings of Edgars Ernestsons: "The importance of talent is small, and success with talent can only be achieved for a short time. If everything is not based on hard work and discipline, then the most talented children may...
In the period from 1974 to 1984, she became the Latvian champion in singles 7 times, in doubles 4 times and in mixed doubles 5 times.
Even despite the fact that Liepaja residents did not have a suitable place for tennis training, Līga Medne became the Latvian champion in 1980 and 1981.
Liepaja tennis is represented by M.Švarcs, E.Ernestone, O.Makarčuka, A.Žguna, D.Mežniece, J.Jakovļeva, D.Andersone, A.Koļesins, E.Grodskis, E.Lazdāns, V.Fiļipovs, G.Rolis, M.Kronbergs and others
Next Latvian Champion title won by representative from Liepaja was in 1989, when Olga Makarčuka celebrated triumph. In addition to success in Singles, medals were won in Latvian championships in Doubles and mixed Doubles.
Until 1990, the tennis department was one of the components of the Liepāja complex sports school, but in 1990 the Liepāja Tennis sport school was established, the director of which became Imants Andersons.
13 of our former students have studied or still studies at USA universities and playes tennis in their teams. Including Andžela Žguna and Andrejs Koļesins, Rebeka Margareta Mertena, who were one of the most talented former students of Liepaja Tennis sport school. Andžela Žguna was the first Liepaja tennis player who managed to get in WTA ranking (career high - 376).
During the summer season, many popular tournaments take place in Liepaja, where both Latvian and foreign tennis players take part. Since 1996, as the first in the Baltics, the Tennis Europe tournament for the U14 age group has been organized in Liepaja. For several years, the tournament has been in the 2nd European category.
The international season opening tournament "Zelta Wilson" (Golden Wilson) has been taking place since 1998 and is one of the most popular tournaments in Latvia. Every year, about 200 participants from Latvia and abroad in all age groups participate in this tournament.
May 3 to 5, 2002, the first Davis Cup games took place on the courts of Liepāja Tennis sport school. Unfortunately, the Latvian national team with 1-4 recognizes the dominance of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.
In 2004, Anžela Žguna's brother Adrians Žguns entered the ATP rating (career high - 431). He did represented Latvia in the Davis Cup game against Tunisia. Adrians Žguns played for the University of Arkansas team. Karīna Ledāja also successfully played in this same team. Adrians Žguns later became the captain of the Latvian women's national tennis team.
July 16 to 18, 2004, Davis Cup games are played for the second time on the courts of Liepāja Tennis sport school. The Latvian national team with a score of 3-2 wins over the Tunisian national team.
The year 2006 was spent in Liepaja on a tennis sign, because Liepaja tennis celebrated its 100 years. The culmination and the main event of the centenary was the Latvian Summer Championship in Liepaja from August 21 to 26.
September 14 to 16, 2012 in Liepaja Olympic center took place Davis Cup By BNP Paribas game between Latvia and Ukraine. Latvia lost to Ukraine with 2-3.
July 17, 2015. Davis Cup By BNP Paribas returns to Liepaja Tennis sport school open tennis courts in Jurmala park after 11 years. Latvia wins with 3-2.
In July 2018, the European U16 age group championship took place in Moscow (Russia). For the first time in the history of Latvian tennis in the final of the European Championship, a Latvian duel! In the Final, Kamilla Bartone competed against the second representative of the Latvian national team - Patrīcija Špaka from Liepaja. Liepāja Tennis sport school student Patrīcija Špaka won the 2nd place and became the 2018 European U16 vice-champion!
In 2018 the Liepaja Tennis sport school student Rebeka Mertena won Latvian champion title. Meanwhile other Liepaja Tennis sport school student - Elza Tomase became the vice-champion.
October 4, 2018. As the construction of the Liepāja tennis hall is already halfway through, a construction festival was celebrated, during which a message for future generations was capsulated in foundations.
January 2019. Our student Patrīcija Špaka, together with our former students - Anastasija Sevastova and Adrians Žguns (team captain) were included in the Latvian national women's team to compete in Fed Cup by BNP Paribas.
In order to improve Liepāja's sports infrastructure and strengthen tennis traditions in Liepāja, on April 13, 2019, the new LOC Tennis Hall was opened in a festive and sporty atmosphere. In total, the complex has five indoor courts, gyms and recreation halls, outdoor and beach tennis, as well as sports playgrounds. The hall has an administrative part, a sporting goods store and a cafe. The tennis hall is intended for the improvement and provision of training conditions for students of educational institutions and sports clubs throughout the year. The new hall expands the possibilities to organize international level competitions in Liepaja...
In 2019 Liepaja Tennis sport school student Elza Tomase wins the Latvian champion title.
November 2019. Liepaja Tennis sport school student Patrīcija Špaka received her first WTA ranking point in ITF World tennis tour tournament "Paf Open 2019" (Parnu, Estonia).
January 2020. in Liepaja for the first time takes place ITF W15 category tournament for women - “Liepaja Open”. For the first winner of the tournament becomes our own student - Elza Tomase. After the tournament Elza Tomase debuts in the WTA ranking.
In 2020 Liepaja Tennis sport school representative Patrīcija Špaka won Latvian Champion title in Singles. Together with our Elza Tomase they won Latvian Champions title in Doubles. Our Alise Vindiga finished 2nd in Lavian doubles championship.
2017.gada 7.maijā visas trīs liepājnieces kāpa LTS kausa 5.posmā U18 vecuma grupai. Cerams, ka visas trīs liepājnieces arī ASV spēs aizņemt visu goda pjedestālu. (no kreisās - Patrīcija Špaka, Rebeka Margareta Mertena, Elza Tomase).
In the website of US Embasy in Latvia it's said, that the USA university system is one of the biggest and best systems in the world with great study programmes in almost every field. The degrees are recognized worldwide for their excellence. Studying in American universities is very expensive. Consequently, for many who want to study in the United States, it seems like an unattainable dream. However, there are various options and support systems to keep tuition costs in the US lower or even non-existent. So far, several former graduates of Liepāja Tennis sport school have obtained higher education in...