In june 22 in Liepaja will start international tennis tournament

From June 22 to 28 at Liepaja tennis courts will be held Liepaja International Tournament which is Category 2 International Tennis Tournament for U14 age group that will bring together participants from all over Europe and also more distant countries. It is expected that this year there will be participants from 10 countries, including Australia and Israel. Liepaja Tennis Sports School this year will represent the following members at qualification and the Main tournament: Rebeka Mertena, Signija Stībele, Hardija Vīdnere, Alise Grundule, Katrīna Lasmane and Renārs Grodskis.

Tournament is supported by: Liepāja City Council, Liepāja City Sport department, Wilson, Ezermala1, Čilli pica and hotel “Līva”.
Good luck in the tournament!