Our girls will represent the Latvian U12 national team

Latvian U12 girls national team

From July 22 to 25, in the Croatian city of Karlovac, the 2021 Tennis Europe Nations Challenge by HEAD qualifications round for the U12 age group will take place, in which the Latvian girls’ national team will also start.

Anna Azarova

The Latvian national team includes two students of Liepāja Tennis sport school who are coached by Olga Bordjugova – the best tennis player of the Latvian U12 age group Anna Azarova and the second best tennis player Elizabete Marta Hamitova. In addition to the two Liepaja girls, Keisija Bērziņa (Tennis Pro Academy, coach J.Mellups) is included in the Latvian U12 girls’ team as the third representative of Latvia. All three best girls of the Latvian U12 age group will be led by the coach of Liepāja Tennis sport school Katrīna Samoilova.

Elizabete Marta Hamitova

Along with Latvian girls, the Croatian qualification group also includes teams from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. On July 21, a draw took place, in which the teams of this group were divided into two subgroups. According to the draw, it was determined that Latvian girls in their subgroup will have to compete against their Croatian peers on July 22, against Russian girls on July 23 and against Belgian girls on July 24. On July 25, the two best teams will be determined to enter the final tournament of the Tennis Europe Nations Challenge by HEAD. Hoping that the Latvian girls will get into the final tournament, then from August 5 to 8 they will have to go to France to compete for the title of the best tennis nation in Europe in the U12 age group. We want the Latvian U12 girls team and their captain to enjoy the atmosphere of the tournament and demonstrate excellent performance and provide themselves with the opportunity to compete in France.

Captain Katrīna Samoilova

It is possible to follow the results of the tournament – https://www.tenniseurope.org/sport/drawmatches.aspx?id=601F577C-8F77-4AF0-AAA9-B13CCCACA413&draw=2&fbclid=IwAR1iiuqHnsZD6NNHjTWF2-tT1YWDPut6C5dh2vuoIEcn5JiSltOW-DZnA-w