Venden Cup 2014 has finished

In courts of Liepāja Tennis Sports school has finished Tennis Europe international youth tournament Venden Cup for U14 age group.

Girls single:
1st place – Julia OCZACHOWSKA (Poland)
2nd place – Yuliya HATOUKA (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Ekaterina GRIB (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Kseniya YERSH (Belarus)

Boys single:
1st place – Timofey SKATOV (Russia)
2nd place – Karol PALUCH (Poland)
3rd/4th place – Daniils BATMANOVS (Latvia)
3rd/4th place – Robin Erik PARTS (Estonia)

Girls doubles:
1st place – Kristina FILICHENOK (Belarus) and Julia OCZACHOWSKA (Poland)
2nd place – Victoria DEMA and Juliya POPYK (Ukraine)
3rd/4th place – Iveta DAUJOTAITE (Lithuania) and Ekaterina GRIB (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Darya SHVARTSMANN and Ilana TETRUASHVILI (Israel)

Boys doubles:
1st place – Robin Erik PARTS and Johannes SEEMAN (Estonia)
2nd place – Timofey SKATOV and Andrey VOROBYEV (Russia)
3rd/4th place – Artsiom BARDZIN and Annei LASKA (Belarus)
3rd/4th place – Tsimafei BASALYHA (Belarus) and Pavel SHUMEIKO (Ukraine)

Congratulations to all winners and see us next year!