With our student victory the ITF Juniors “Venden Cup Liepaja 2017” has concluded

In the tennis courts of Liepaja Tennis Sport school has concluded ITF Juniours tournament “Venden Cup Liepaja 2017”, which took place from September 2 – 8. At the tournament participated tennis players from 15 countries – Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Russia, France, Belarus, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, Great Britain, Armenia, Ukraine and Australia.Even with the rainy weather, at the end all games were played on time.At “Venden Cup Liepaja 2017” Liepaja Tennis Sport school in Main draw was represented by Renārs Grodskis, Valērijs Vorobjovs, Rebeka Margareta Mertena, Patrīcija Špaka, Alise Vindiga, Signija Stībele and Elza Tomase, but with qualifiers began Paula Jankova, Karolīna Skābe and Justs Jakovļevs.From qualifiers in Main draw qualified Justs Jakovļevs, who after then could manage to get till game for quarterfinal, meanwhile Renārs Grodskis and Valērijs Vorobjovs tournament finished already in 1st round. Signija Stībele and Alise Vindiga finished the tournament in 1st round, but Elza Tomase finished in quarterfinal. Two of Liepaja Tennis Sport school students managed to get into the Final, so Liepaja fans had good surprise, that both played in the ITF Juniors tournament final. In intense game with 4-6 6-1 6-0 in the tournament triumphed Rebeka Margareta Mertena, but Patrīcija Špaka finished 2nd.During the Singles tournament, took place Doubles tournament as well. Both girls Finalists played together in Doubles and could manage to get into the Final in Doubles too. In intense Doubles Final both Liepaja Tennis Sport school students Patrīcija Špaka and Rebeka Margareta Mertena unfortunately lost with 6-4 4-6 [5-10] to other Latvian pair – Margaritai Ignatjevai un Kristiana Lindai Zaharei.Finalists
1st place – Rebeka Margareta Mertena (Liepaja Tennis Sport school – Latvia)
2nd place – Patrīcija Špaka (Liepaja Tennis Sport school – Latvia)

1st place – Margarita Ignatjeva (Latvia) and Kristiana Linda Zahare (Latvia)
2nd place – Rebeka Margareta Mertena (Liepaja Tennis Sport school – Latvia) and Patrīcija Špaka (Liepaja Tennis Sport school – Latvia)

1st place – Arthur Cazaux (France)
2nd place – Erik Carlsten (Sweden)

1st place – Arthur Cazaux (France) and Roberts Jaričevskis (Latvia)
2nd place – Roni Mikael Hietaranta (Finland) and Anttoni Kinnunen (Finland)ITF Juniors tournament “Venden Cup Liepaja 2017” was supported by Venden, Liepaja city and Liepaja Sports department.

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